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Watch/rent DesignThinkers presentations by women design luminaries

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, the RGD has curated a list of leading female creatives who have delivered inspiring presentations at DesignThinkers over the years.

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Ellen Lupton

DTVAN 2018: Design for Sensory Experience

Designers in today’s cross-disciplinary, multimedia world create objects, images and brands that activate all the senses and reach people in emotionally fulfilling ways. In this presentation, Ellen shares ideas and inspiration from her two latest projects, Design Is Storytelling and The Senses: Design Beyond Vision.

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Jessica Bellamy

DTTO 2018: Infographics for Social Change

Learn how to tell visual data stories to inspire policy change and mobilize information at the grassroots level. In this presentation, Jessica explores principles of conscious and responsible design from real-world infographic projects. You will leave with actionable tips and tricks for working with strategies for being an effective and equitable data storyteller, building a mindful and sensitive lens for data evaluation, data framing and message building techniques and more.

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Sarah Hyndman

DTVAN 2019: Type Tasting

Sarah has spent six years creating experiments that explore type and perception and taking her pop-up typography lab to events. Her experiments range from profiling typeface personalities to altering the taste of a jellybean with a font. In this presentation, she talks about her experiments, gives insights into the process and explains how some of her failed experiments have taught her the most.

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Tina Roth Eisenberg

DTTO 2019: The Unexpected Power of Side Projects

If you’ve ever wondered whether keeping up with a hobby or passion project pays off in the end, Tina’s experience is proof that it can. In this presentation, Tina shares an inspiring look at her creative journey, from turning her personal visual archive into a popular design journal to founding various businesses.

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Grace Hwang

DT Virtual 2020: Creating Connection: the Power of Design to Bring People Together

In the era of COVID-19 and at a time when isolation and loneliness are two of the biggest contributors to declining health, what can design do to upend this trend? In this presentation, Grace brings her experience and insight from designing for health and well-being and her journey into mixed reality to share the possibilities for design to grow our sense of togetherness.

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Tina Smith

DT Virtual 2020: Type Driven
Tina Smith often describes her work as type-driven: work that uses type as hero, clearly communicating the essence of a brand or story. But she’s also driven to do typographic work on her own. What does it mean to be type driven, both professionally and personally? Reviewing a range of type-focused projects, in this presentation Tina shows how passion for type and exploration in personal projects manifested in brand identity and editorial work.

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Lisa Congdon

DT Virtual 2021: How Engaging With the Personal Can Lead to More Aligned Client Work

Lisa’s career has been built on making and sharing work aligned with her personal interests and values and then attracting a client and project list that is tightly connected with those interests and values. In this presentation, Lisa shares her story, explains how personal work can lead to meaningful client projects and offers advice for making and sharing work that can lead to a purpose- and joy-filled career.

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Jennifer Taback RGD

DT Virtual 2021: Designers as Tools of Reconciliation: Design and research through an Indigenous Lens

As an Indigenous designer and strategist, Jennifer discusses the role designers can play in reconciliation by examining the information they gather, how it is presented and the importance of creating authentic, informed visuals. In this presentation, she explains how to create the bridges required to effectively work in both worlds and how to blend available teachings and tools to create projects that amplify Indigenous voices.

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Jolene Delisle

DTTO 2021: How to Transition from a Side Business to a Full-Scale Practice

Jolene worked full-time while beginning to build her creative agency, The Working Assembly,… and even grossed over 1M in revenue while still operating it as a side hustle. In this presentation, Jolene shares the highs and lows of taking a fun freelance practice and scaling it to a full-time funded business.

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Elana Rudick RGD

DTTO 2022: Defying Self Perceptions to Design a Career You Love

You’re here at DesignThinkers. Woah! Feelings of excitement and nervous energy swirl. You’re inspired and trying to soak it all in. Now what? Where do you go from here? How do you break down self-imposed roadblocks to find your path, make your mark and enjoy a sustainable career? In this presentation, drawing from her own journey, through personal stories and interactive exercises, Elana challenges you to discover the next step on your design journey.

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