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Why So Many Typefaces? With Tom Foley

OCT 28 | 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
St. Lawrence Centre — Jane Mallett Theatre
  • Typography

We live in a golden age for typeface design.

The digital transformation and all that goes with it have created many new challenges and opportunities for designers. New devices, new forms of branding, new ways to advertise and reach audiences, social media, new technologies…all of these use-cases require us to rethink how we use existing typefaces, to create new typefaces and to find new ways of managing and navigating font libraries. With this explosion of choice comes complexity, and lots of questions. There are more typefaces out there than any one person can ever hope to lay eyes on, let alone use in their design work. So, why so many typefaces? A fair question, which Tom Foley explores in this engaging and far-reaching presentation.

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