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Type Workshop: From Drawing to Implementation

Eleni Beveratou

MAY 30 • 9:00 - 4:00 PM

Northeastern University Campus

This comprehensive, hands-on workshop combines both practical and theoretical components, spanning four segments that delve into crucial themes of Expression and Emotions, Size, Usage, Accessibility and Language.

This approach aims to provide participants with a practical understanding of type design principles, allowing them to apply these concepts in a tangible and insightful manner. Each segment will specifically concentrate on the following aspects:

Part 1: Examining the influence of emotions on type, coupled with fundamental principles of letter drawing.

Part 2: Understanding the significance of size in type design and the necessary adjustments for diverse applications.

Part 3: Exploring the translation of typographic expression into other writing systems to maintain coherence in global communication.

Part 4: Assessing the suitability of a typeface for large (display) or small (text) size applications, along with the design features essential for various formats and accessibility needs.


Location: Northeastern University — Vancouver

Pricing: Members: $85; $Non-Members: $125 ($105 for groups of 3+)



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