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The Future of Design: How Will Educators Adapt?

OCT 28 | 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
Meridian Hall — O’Keefe Lounge
  • Education

With the design industry changing rapidly and careers moving remotely, how will design education change with it?

Join us as we hear from three design educators on what the future holds for remote learning, student portfolios, design curriculum and more.

The Future of Design Education is Human with Ana Rita Morais
Design education has transcended into remote spaces, both synchronously and asynchronously over the last three years. As a result, it is evident that the future of education is ubiquitous— happening everywhere. What remains integral to the future of education, and design education more specifically, is the intuitive, experiential and experimental dimensions of engagement within the physical four walls of the classroom. Join Ana Rita as she underscores why the legacy of the pandemic should be rooted in human connection— not digital.

Practice-based Design Research with Bonne Zabolotney
“This is a study of methods, not content.” – Denise Scott-Brown and Robert Venturi, Learning from Las Vegas
The future of design education lies with our students' ability to build flexible design research practices to address complex and unsolvable issues such as climate change, political instability and global pandemics. Practice-based design research expands transactional design learning (where solution-based or form-given projects are assigned and completed) towards a multiplicity of intellectual and designerly spaces (where open-ended projects are explored and prototyped, and insights are reflexive and shared within a community of practice.) This presentation focuses on design research education that transforms students from, what Laurene Vaughan describes, a designer (someone who knows their field) to a designer-practitioner (someone able to understand the trajectory of their work and its role within the field).

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