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No Yourself: When breaking free from the familiar and defying your own process leads to extraordinary work with Kaila Jacques and Rodrigo Calderon

OCT 28 | 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM EDT
Meridian Hall — Lower Lobby
  • Activism

Hurdles are inevitable in the design process, be it working through difficult feedback, encountering moving targets or responding to changes in the world that are beyond our control.

When these challenges present themselves, pivoting to something different—like defying yourself—may be the best decision that you and your team can make. When breaking free from the familiar, how do you find the balance between shifting your perspective and staying true to your principles? How can you use times of stress and struggle to create thoughtful work that leads to greater impact for your client partners? Join Kaila and Rodrigo as they take you behind the scenes on real projects for world-changing causes. They’ll share the challenges that emerged and explain how they used strategy and collaboration to defy the status quo.

  • How to know when your familiar creative process could benefit from a fresh take
  • How to rally a team through the unknown and communicate the opportunities offered by change and uncertainty
  • How to thoughtfully adapt your process to the unique contexts of different projects ensuring positive outcome

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