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Morning Roundtables

MAY 29 • 8:15 - 9:15 AM

Vancouver Community College, Room 240

Roundtables are your chance to connect with other creatives in a small group setting.

Bring your questions, offer advice and participate in conversations that will leave you feeling engaged and energized.

Sign up for roundtables when you register for the conference.

Pricing: $10 for professionals, $5 for student focused

The following roundtables are available:

Nostalgia in design: Leveraging past memories for present engagement
Moderators: Virginia Quist RGD / Daniel Asel RGD
Many brands are travelling back in time to find inspiration. Whether it’s psychedelic patterns, retro colour palettes or layered 3D typography, nostalgic designs are being used to leverage the memories of customers and engage audiences. But how do you create nostalgic designs that are engaging and vibrant with a modern edge? Let’s discuss this trend in branding and how to ensure a brand remains timeless even while leveraging “the good old days

Champagne taste on a beer budget: Doing more with less
Moderator: Diana Castaneda RGD

Let’s brainstorm alternative ways to provide creativity to our clients as well as educate them about our experience and the value of the work we provide.

The need for speed: Addressing time constraints within the design process
Moderator: Brent Long RGD
In competitive markets, the need for speed in all areas of business has been increasing all the time. In response to the ever increasing need for speed, how can designers develop creative solutions and contribute to business success, while staying true to effective design processes and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. What role can AI play in a designer’s efficiency? What processes and strategies contribute to cross-disciplinary collaboration and integration? Join us as we discuss the need for efficiency without sacrificing the quality of your designs or your mental health.

Good design is for everybody: Sharing accessibility tools, resources and processes
Moderator: Eleni Beveratou
Join this conversation about the role of accessibility in design and how it can benefit us all. We will share our knowledge and experiences with each other, whether you’re a seasoned accessibility advocate or new to the concept. We’ll focus on the latest tools and technologies available for designers and developers to create accessible products, along with tips and tricks we can use in our everyday practices.

Overcoming creative burnout
Moderator: Sarah Prouse RGD
Is creative burnout real? Yes! Can it easily be prevented? Yes! In this discussion we will talk about both the reactive and proactive measures we can put in place to navigate creative block. How good habits, routines and business processes can change the game for you and what to do if you find yourself creatively inactive.

Take a seat: How to claim your spot at the business table
Moderator: Erin Grandmaison RGD

Personas, archetypes, anti-personas: Best practices for these and other UX tools
Moderator: Kevin Hawkins

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