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Morning Roundtables

MAY 28 • 8:15 - 9:15 AM

Vancouver Community College, Room 240

Roundtables are your chance to connect with other creatives in a small group setting.

Bring your questions, offer advice and participate in conversations that will leave you feeling engaged and energized.
Pricing: $10 for professionals, $5 for student focused
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The following roundtables are available:

Future-proofing your design career: Skills for the next decade
Moderated by Virginia Quist RGD
With the meteoric rise of AI and the democratization of so many once exclusive design tools, adaptability has emerged as a critical trait for designers. Join this discussion as we discuss the role of mastering the design software and tools that are changing every day and the skills that are shaping the careers of graphic designers. Join us to gain insights on adapting to the dynamic design industry to ensure your career remains future-proof.

All hands on deck: The designer’s role in combatting climate change
Moderated by Gillian Hickie RGD
“Saving our planet is now a communications challenge.” Starting from David Attenborough’s famous quote, we’ll discuss the role of graphic and communication design in shaping a more sustainable future. How are we uniquely positioned to address climate change? Who is doing inspiring work? Let’s discuss.

Diversity and inclusion: Designing a more representative world
Although some still dismiss diversity and inclusion as mere buzzwords, in design circles, they are now fundamental pillars of the industry. Our community is acutely aware of its past role in designing a world that wasn’t as inclusive or diverse as it should have been. But the journey isn’t without hurdles. Unconscious bias, a lack of diversity in leadership roles and traditional hiring practices hinder our progress. How do we address these truths? How do we ensure that user experiences accommodate the needs and perspectives of a much wider audience? Join this roundtable to discuss your successes and your challenges.

User-centred design: Where humans reign supreme
The application of user-centred design is constantly changing. Do you spend much of your time thinking about how the user can be better served by the designs you create? How do we ensure that users are the main focus of our designs, and that those users find our designs easy to navigate? Join us to discuss how design can be employed to make things easier, rather than just help address the bottom line.

Building stronger design processes
Process is the key to profit, but a good process often takes years to nurture and is often tailored to an individual, especially in the design world! We will discuss topics like defining chinks in the armour, identifying problem areas, the importance of trying new things and using technology to help build more robust systems and easily replicable processes.

Unmute yourself: Strategies for speaking up and being heard
Moderated by Kevin Hawkins
In this discussion, we will explore communication and presentation techniques designed to captivate your audience’s attention. You’ll discover how to refine your storytelling skills and effectively integrate data, anecdotes, and visuals to convey your message with greater impact. We’ll also share valuable insights and best practices to help you become a more persuasive and engaging communicator.

Student-focused: Embracing your design identity + How to build your creative confidence
Confidence is key to becoming a successful designer, but how do you garner confidence in a world of criticism and imposter syndrome? Join us in this roundtable to discuss simple tips and tricks to build creative confidence that will help you navigate your early career as a student and designer.

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