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Lunch Roundtables

MAY 28 • 12:15 - 1:15 PM

Vancouver Community College

Roundtables are your chance to connect with other creatives in a small group setting.

Bring your questions, offer advice and participate in conversations that will leave you feeling engaged and energized.

The following roundtables are available:

  1. Comic Sans, You Suck: Sharing your best stories of inappropriate font usage
  2. UX is not UI: Venting frustration over confusions within the world of UX (and UI!)
  3. Challenges of working in a non-creative environment
  4. Futuristic fantasy to practical reality: Leveraging AI tools in the design process
  5. Mental health in design: Nurturing creativity and clarity of mind
  6. Perfect Pitch: How we talk about what we do
  7. Student-focused: Navigating creative challenges and burnout in your student journey

Sign up for roundtables when you register for the conference.

Pricing: $10 for professionals, $5 for student focused

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