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Designing for Invisibility with Elizabeth Paul

JUN 01 | 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM PST
Vancouver Playhouse

In a world where 84% of ads are never seen, most brands are functionally invisible.

Good design has the power to fight invisibility — arresting our attention, creating meaning without interruption and communicating in ways most brand marketers only dream of. But beyond fighting invisibility, design has the power to use invisibility. In recent years neuroscientists and behavioral economists have confirmed what philosophers and artists have long known — we are not thinking creatures who feel; we are feeling beings who post-rationalize our experience. In this session we will explore the power of design to create brand worlds that resonate on unconscious levels. We’ll discuss ways to use the invisible facets of emotion to create visibility for clients.


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Elizabeth Paul

Elizabeth Paul

Chief Strategy Officer at The Martin Agency
JUN 01 | Designing for Invisibility.
  • Advertising

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