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Design in 2024: Downsizing, AI and What the heck do we do now

Kevin Hawkins

MAY 29 • 1:00 - 1:45 PM

Vancouver Playhouse

Let's explore the complexities of being a designer (in-house or freelance) at times of recession, downsizing and moving forward with AI.

Kevin delves into the nuances of managing team restructuring, measuring value and embracing AI when growing talent at these challenging times. We’ll dive into stories from recent layoffs, the changing expectations of corporate clients and in-house leaders and how investing in transparency and business acumen position us to secure our jobs and get trusted to do more impactful work.


  • Balancing democratization with expertise ownership
  • Workplace trends that are now the most desired and perceived as the highest impact
  • Embracing change in workflows to meet productivity expectations while maintaining efficiency
  • Strategies for redistributing work and responsibilities effectively to maintain trust and keep work coming in


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