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Crafting the Life You Want

Jessica Hische

MAY 29 • 4:45 - 5:30 PM

Vancouver Playhouse

Jessica is a lettering artist and “avid internetter” who has been in a position of prominence in the design industry for nearly two decades.

During that time, so much has changed. Finding your place in this world as a designer, artist or maker has become more complex. Technologies are ever evolving. Platforms and what they ask of us are constantly shifting. The internet offered us an incredible opportunity for connection but it feels harder and harder to find your people, especially because it’s not always clear who is showing up as their authentic selves and who is “building a brand”. In this talk, Jessica explains how she’s navigated all of these changes while trying to stay true to herself—from her client work and kids’ books to opening two brick and mortar stores. She’ll talk about promoting your work without commodifying every part of yourself, the power of embracing your local community and how to align new technologies with your values to live the creative life you want.


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