Charles Adler

Bio as of 2014.

Charles is a designer, entrepreneur, environmentalist and cyclist. He co-founded Kickstarter with the goal of enabling creatives to bring their work to those who matter: their true fans. He resided as the company’s Head of Design from 2007 until recently. His work tends towards the digital, but it is always either a reflection of society or an effort to influence behaviours within society for the better.

Stories from Vast Fields of Creative Independence
We’re in an age when you can make nearly anything you can imagine. Our future as a collective community of designers, and society as a whole, can be seen as an independent one. The shackles are disintegrating, replaced with tools that allow each of us to carve our own course, live lives as we define them and improve on the mistakes of past generations. Join Charles as he explains how your future really is your own.

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