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Zulu Alpha Kilo urges designers to 'Speak the Truth' with their DesignThinkers 2018 branding

June 19 2018
The theme for this year's DesignThinkers Conferences is 'Speak the Truth'. Zulu Alpha Kilo has done an incredible job of incorporating the theme in all aspects of the Conference branding, including a short video featuring designers hooked up to a lie detector...


This theme also proved to have been the inspiration behind many of the presentations we saw at DesignThinkers Vancouver on May 29 & 30, as speakers discussed the need for diversity in the design community, the rise of artificial intelligence, how design can support Indigenous reconciliation in Canada and much more. DesignThinkers Toronto will also host many presentations that will adress more truths about design and the creative industry!

Read more about some truths we learned from the Vancouver speakers here.



Aside from the DesignThinkers website design, you can also expect to see Zulu's 'Speak the Truth' branding leading up to the Conference on our cheeky social media campaigns as well as printed postcards which read, "Join us at DesignThinkers TO and complain about bad design. And microphone issues, awkward networking conversations, conflicting speaker schedules, people hogging power outlets..." 


More of these truths will be also featured around the Sony Centre in the form of signage, digital boards and more...




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Toronto, Sony Centre, November 3 + 4

Register at the door between 7:30am - 5:00pm on Nov. 3 or 4!